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Welcome to the 2021 Central Coast Oztag Winter Season.

We will be holding competitions throughout the Summer season at the following venues:

Monday – Woongarrah Sporting Complex – Mixed 9s, 11s, 13s and 15s, Mens Open and Mixed Opens – https://centralcoast.oztag.com.au/woongarrah-winter/

Wednesday – Bateau Bay Oval (Passage Road, Bateau Bay) – Mixed 9s, 11s, 13s and 15s, Mens Open and Mixed Opens – https://centralcoast.oztag.com.au/bateau-bay/

Thursday – Adcock Park, West Gosford – Mixed Open and Mens Open – https://centralcoast.oztag.com.au/west-gosford-mens-2/


“Mixed” junior divisions can be any combination of all males, all females or a mixture of both.

Mixed 20s and Senior Mixed is 4 males and 4 females on the field (must be a minimum age of 15 to take the field.

Registration is $100 for juniors and $110 for Mixed 20s and seniors plus online fees.

Age divisions are based off the age the child is turning this year, e.g. a child turning 8 or 9 in 2021 will in the 9s.




JUNIOR AGES – A maximum of 4 current rep players are allowed per team. A current rep player is a player who played in 2021 Junior State Cup (shadows are only counted as a rep player if they went away and played in the tournament).

Age divisions are based off the age the child is turning this year 2020, e.g. a child turning 11 or 12 in 2020 will be in the 12s.

2021 Age Divisions:

9s – Born 2012 or 2013 (players must currently at least be in Kindergarten)

11s – Born 2011 or 2010

13s – Born 2009 or 2008

15s – Born 2007 or 2006

Players are eligible to play up one age division i.e. a player that qualifies for the 11s age group may play up in the 13s division providing they are being registered in a full team. Individual registrations must be in their correct age groups.

Players wishing to play in a senior competition must have turned 15 prior to taking the field.

MINIMUM OF 10 PLAYERS PER TEAM – in order to register a team teams must have a minimum of 10 players, there is no maximum however Central Coast Oztag suggest no more then 12 players to allow players enough game time.

TEAM UNIFORMS – by the 4th week of play all teams are to be in completely matching shirts and numbered. (6s, 8s and 10s teams are exempt from numbers however must be all matching same shirts/singlets). Individual teams are not required to be matching/numbered however players are required to be wearing a correct colour of their team name. A penalty of 1 try PER PLAYER out of uniform will be awarded to the opposing team prior to starting the game (the referee will make a clear note of this and make it aware to both teams).

OFFICIAL OZTAG SHORTS/TIGHTS – players are required to wear official Australian Oztag shorts or tights. Under no circumstances are players allowed to sew velcro patches onto pants/tights or wear LEAGUE TAG shorts/tights. Shorts ($30) and Tights ($35) will be available at all registration days along with competition venues each week.

SIGN ON SHEETS – all teams are required to sign on each week prior to taking the field. If players fail to sign on points may be deducted (forfeit for less then 5 players signing on) along with players breaching insurance rules. Sign on sheets will be up near the admin office at all venues, if your team\sign on sheet is not there please advise competition staff.

BACKING UP – any teams who do not have 8 players to take the field are able to find a back up player who is currently registered in the same season at the same venue however must be in a lower grade/age. Players wishing to back up are to see admin staff and optain a sticker in which the player is to give to the referee. Teams cannot get back up players to create substitutes in the team, they are only to fill the field. Teams caught playing unregistered players or playing back up players without notifying competition staff will forfeit the game (5-0 loss). Any one team can only have a maximum of 5 fill in players throughout the season and 1 player can only back up a minimum of 3 times. Random checks will be done throughout the season. If you think you opposition is breaching the rules and playing unregistered players please notify competition staff during or before the game


FINALS ELIGIBILITY – players are to play a minimum of 4 games in order to qualify to play in the finals for that team. Players must play a minimum of 7 games to be eligible for representative teams.




If you wish to register as an individual player please TEXT players first and last name, email, DOB and Competition venue to 0477928866.

We accept active kids vouchers.






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